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    Hi Bahu, you got a huge thread here, so I am...

    Hi Bahu, you got a huge thread here, so I am sorry if my question has ben asked already.

    I saw your diffuse-texture-less render, but it was very good-looking since all the render-setup was done...
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    Great work sis

    Hello Sista' - great work!
    It is very well done, with all the high amount of tiny small details.

    A thing that I've noticed in such kind of great productions is, that as soon as the color pass is...
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    NotAdmin: Heeey. Are you making fun of my way of...

    NotAdmin: Heeey. Are you making fun of my way of giving feedback?? ;) Go get a wacom!:cool:

    MrLearner: Yep, flash sux. I need to make a flash-free version, or at least, here you can find...
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    Some feedback

    Hey Alex,

    I have some fedback for you - Hopefully it will be helpful.
    My first tip is to look at a creation from the "traditional" point of view. Don't consider it as a 3d image, but rather as...
  5. Hello Ryan, does it mean, that this feature...

    Hello Ryan,

    does it mean, that this feature will work like a shrink wrapper?
    It might be so that you have two meshes already - a hipoly and a remade topology made in maya.
    Now, I would like to...
  6. I found the SelectIt ...

    I found the SelectIt tool - I am not sure if it does one of the tips I had earlier, so I will give it a try. :cool:
  7. Tip: Sets for saving state of what is masked and what is hidden


    This is a question if such thing can be scriptet in Zbrush or not.

    :: Many times you need to work with several kind of maskings, and needing to change the mask every time is just boring....
  8. Does ZApp Link work with deformations?


    This plugin works great when coloring. Does it work with deformations? How?
  9. Good idea

    Hey there.

    The above-mentioned sounds like a good idea. I think I know how I can use this, but I would like to ask what your reason was, to import the objects separately.

    Is it possible to...
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    Could you please write some more descriptions...

    Could you please write some more descriptions (kind of a short step-by-step tutorial).

    This could be quite useful, but I just dont get the idea really.
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    Script for "Layer" - control?


    Is it possible to make a script, that controlls dub objects when importing an OBJ.
    To make it more clear, when you import an OBJ with a face, and eg. two eyes, zBrush actually imports...
  12. Import OBJ and use the existing UV-map?


    If I import a OBJ model from eg Maya, where the model is UV-mapped already, is it possible to import the OBJ-file and still use the same UV-mapping, so that when I generate and export a...
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