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  1. [TUTORIAL] Preserve original Nanomesh UVs

    A simple yet VERY HANDY tutorial I've made for people who, like me, had to workaround the fact that nanomesh doesn't preserves UVs when you convert them to part of the subtool.

    I hope this helps,...
  2. [TUTORIAL] The most important Transpose Master video you will ever watch


    Hello. This video shows how to avoid a massive issue with possible workflows involving Zbrush, Maya and the real-life scale used in Marvelous Designer.

    It is the reason why I was...
  3. [TUTORIAL] How To Create 3d Horns - Maya To Zbrush - Part 1 & 2



    I've made this tutorial to help you make yourself good base mesh horns, with nice topology.

    In the end of it, you should be able to make a proper set of IMM horns. With...
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