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  1. CGTrader Word Cup fest sale off up to 50% off for 3D models!

    CGTrader’s team is ready to go watch some great footy this coming week! We know how frustrating it is to have a deadline looming right as the World Cup is ramping up, so we’re inviting every...
  2. Up to 50% discounts on 250K+ 3D models at CGTrader’s birthday sale

    3D models are on sale in cgtrader (50% discount) until May 29. They have some nice low-poly packs and pbr models. Use the checkbox filter in their search to only view models that are on sale. You can...
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    CGTrader's brand-new analytics tool


    If you still haven't found your niche, or simply don't know what models are in demand, check CGTrader Analytics, a brand-new tool available to every designer on CGTrader. This tool gives...
  4. 8500$ Value 3D Female Characters Challenge


    Hello, everyone. I wanted to let you know that even though our 3D: Interior Challenge hasn’t ended yet, CGTrader is bringing you another challenge: Female Characters.This challenge has the...
  5. CGTrader's 3D Interior Challenge with a prize pool of 7500$!

    Hey, fellow modelers!

    A new challenge on CGTrader has arrived! Now, we're looking for 3d modelers who would like to participate in an interior design contest and have a handful of a chance to...
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    100% royalties to all new sellers

    Hey guys,

    Already have an account on CGTrader? If not, what is the reason for that? We know some of the most common misbeliefs, but would really love to hear what you think.
    We know that...
  7. CGTrader has raised USD 2.3M to accelerate marketplace growth!

    Exciting news! CGTrader has raised USD 2.3M to accelerate marketplace growth, build technological solutions to ease workflows of 3D designers and become the top choice marketplace for consumers...
  8. CGTrader's 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements with an amazing prize pool!


    CGTrader is now running a new 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements with a prize pool of 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500 USD in subscriptions. All you need to do is to create high quality,...
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    CGTrader's 3D challenge: SPACE

    One of the leading 3D model marketplaces has just launched a new challenge.
    CGTrader invites to the journey through SPACE as this is their new 3D challenge of High and Low poly models...
  10. 10 days left to compete for 7500USD prize pool in Sports & Hobbies challenge

    CGTrader is now running a challenge with prize pool of 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500USD in licenses and subscriptions. All you need to do is to create a 3D model of an object you can use doing...
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    CGTrader's 3D schwag models' challenge

    We have a special challenge for you! Create a fun, realistic model of schwag including objects from hats to cups, business cards to pens, bags to toys – anything that could be used to add some text....
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    CGTrader Real-Life Objects PBR Challenge

    Dear ZBrushCentral community,

    CGTrader is announcing its new PBR Challenge for 3D designers. The only restrictions for 3D model:
    •Must be a real-life object (architecture, character, plant,...
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    CGTrader's PBR Design Competition

    Hi everyone,

    CGTrader just recently launched a new competition, turning to the game industry-trending PBR!

    Chance to win prizes from Marmoset, Allegorithmic, 3D Coat and CGTrader themselves -...
  14. Vehicles from the future - Low poly challenge

    Hi everyone,

    CGTrader has released the latest challenge (and probably the last one of 2016) - this is a low poly competition for 3D designers.

    Check out more details here: ...
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    CG Furniture set challenge

    CGTrader is back with the new challenge and this time it’s all about furniture sets. With 5 potential winners and a record number of sponsors it’s definitely worth to take your chance and expand your...
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    VR Watercraft Challenge

    CGTrader has just announced new VR Watercraft Challenge, containing a prize pool of $5000. More info here:

  17. CGTrader CG Architectural Details Challenge

    Hey there! just came up with a new challenge for Architectural details. Show your creative designs and the best entries will win prizes from our challenge sponsors
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    30 of their best 3D Models

    Hey Everyone

    CGTrader have just released a blog containing 30 of their best 3D Models. These are all of incredible quality and are highly useful for prototyping, visualisation etc.

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    CGTrader's VR animals challenge

    Hey everyone,

    CGTrader is back with a new VR animals challenge for low-poly 3D models.
    The challenge winners will win a 6-month subscriptions and interviews with 3D Artist, among other prizes. ...
  20. Low-poly Model competition - VR Space Challenge

    CGTrader has recently launched a new VR Space competition for low-poly 3D models.
    Take a look at the prizes, rules and already-made entries by 3D artists:...
  21. Infographic on hacking low-poly market, VR trends and pricing practices

    Hey guys,
    Today we published an infographic about low polygon 3D models on, which can be accessed here:...
  22. 500k Users, 500k Models: CGTrader Is Now The Biggest

    Hey guys,

    CGTrader is celebrating an important milestone - becoming the biggest marketplace as we now have 500K models available for free download or purchase and 500K users on the platform. We...
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    Fantasy Game Weapon Challenge

    Hi there,

    So there is this event at CGTrader that's called "Fantasy Game Weapon Challenge" and I thought it may be interesting for many of you in here. It's main requirement is to make two kinds...
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    VR Military 3D Lowpoly Challenge

    Hey guys,

    CGTrader just launched their newest competition for 3D enthusiasts - Low Poly "VR Military Challenge". Time to model your way to glory and victory!

    More information here: ...
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    CG Low-Poly Challenge

    Hi guys,
    CGTrader have just launched a new Low-Poly challenge. Make an amazing character, or environment model and upload it!

    More info:
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