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  1. Final Post!

    well, this was my first ZBrush competition, and my first real adventure creating a whole project from start to finish in ZBrush. I can't measure the amount of things that I have learned over this...
  2. Wip

    well, today's the last day and its unfortunately one of the busiest days of the week for me. I don't really know how to render in zbrush, or comp, I kind of just threw together some passes and setup...
  3. Also before I forget here are some other...

    Also before I forget here are some other development pics! Obviously these came before my last post!


    -Current WIP-


  4. Wip

    Still a lot of work to do, and comping is going to have to go a long way to tweak this image into a passable FIN, but here is some more concept development. I'm going to make the blood more...
  5. Redone Composition

    So much to do so little time!

    I started to rebuild my background, I still need to redo the blood on the floor, as well as sculpt some dripping blood pools, but I feel like the composition is...
  6. Hey X-Titan, That's what I was really going...

    Hey X-Titan,

    That's what I was really going for :) , I want my final comp to tell a story. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  7. Hey Jeff! Actually that's some great advice, I...

    Hey Jeff!

    Actually that's some great advice, I have it on my planning spread sheet for things to finish today and tomorrow! I appreciate the C and C!

  8. More Comp tests

    Still working out the ideas for my composition, tested out two new concepts today...

    -Scene A-


    with this one I was thinking of hinting at the body off screne as well as blood dripping...
  9. Some WIPs for today

    Hello Everyone,

    So I took a necessary step back today after creating a basic wall and floor to look at my overall composition. Unfortunately I must say that I could not find an angle that made...
  10. WIP for today!

    Greetings Everyone!

    Just finished working on some more WIPs and pieces to my final composition. Today's adventure included adding more details to Leatherface, as well as creating his backdrop, and...
  11. Wip

    Here is another WIP of working on the hair more and finishing up the surfacing for the comic con badge! It looks like I'm loosing a lot in my hair, which I'm just going to have to render out a clown...
  12. Wip

    Busy day didn't get to much work done, just a little bit of revisions towards my surface painting.



  13. Replies

    Hey Artefact, I love this sculpt man, the...

    Hey Artefact,

    I love this sculpt man, the style and execution are mint! Keep it up, just had a quick question, did you make that shoe alpha or did you find it online? Also are you going to add...
  14. Today's WIP

    Well what a long Saturday it has been!

    Today I got a lot of work done, still behind from my schedule, but at least getting to a point where I think I may be able to finish this project with a day...
  15. Hey James, Thanks Apreciate it, yea it is a...

    Hey James,

    Thanks Apreciate it, yea it is a bit thick at the moment, I'm going to dial it back a bit and thin it out post. I know there are ways to go back into editing mode after accepting and...
  16. WIP Hair

    Working on the Fibermesh hair for the better part of today!

    -Building up-


    -building the first bun-

  17. WIP Shoes

    Progress progress progress,

    here is a vimeo of how I made some quick shoes and a pic of the character once again!


  18. WIP Accessories

    Hey Everyone,

    Continuing to hammer this sculpt out piece by piece. I finally have started to add in some touches on the cross between the two characters. Below is a link to Vimeo speed sculpt and...
  19. WIP Badge

    Just threw together my comic con badge to append into my Leatherface scene. I used a really simple process to make it.

    -Step 1-
    create a plane and mask out the shape of the badge

  20. Hey Markrulz, Thanks for the heads up, I was...

    Hey Markrulz,

    Thanks for the heads up, I was going over the rules and the community FAQ for the competition. I came across posts saying that it will end up being up to the judges as to how many...
  21. WIP Skirt

    Greetings Everyone,

    So today I continued to work my ass off, especially since this deadline is fast approaching and I am way behind schedule. The work today included creating the knife-pleated...
  22. WIP Video

    Hello again,

    I just finished throwing together the Vimeo of my process for making the mask, here it is!


  23. WIP Face

    Greetings Everyone,

    Just working on the mask, and attaching it with some stitches. I made it by masking out the sections of the face that I wanted covered and extracted the "skin". From there I...
  24. Wip Clothes Sculpt

    Here is just a WIP of the clothes sculpting, more to come soon!


  25. WIP Clothes

    Well, Today was a barrel of tears and blood.

    I've gone down the road of making collard clothing before, and every time I do it I hate it more and more. I've never really pinned down a good...
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