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  1. Base mesh used in Video #3

    Hi David, very cool stuff. I am wondering what you used as a base mesh in video #3. In your tool palette it is named soapbox3 i believe. I am curious as to what you used to generate that base shape....
  2. Matcap Download not Working

    Hey Man really cool work. The matcaps download isn't working was wondering if you might post a new link pointing to where there at.
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    Great work man. I with Andrea - what are doing to...

    Great work man. I with Andrea - what are doing to make the eyes look so nice (do tell) PLEASE!
  4. Zscript for attaching author information to a model

    Hi guys,

    I have no idea if this is the right palce for this. I have come into a situation where a co worker has tried to pass off my work as his own (lamer than lame). I am wondering if there is a...
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    Hey Grassetti, Cool work. If you wouldnt mind...

    Hey Grassetti,

    Cool work. If you wouldnt mind could you explain how you create each of the passes in Zbrush. I'm trying to get a handle on rendering in Zbrush and it would be a huge help, thanks.
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    Brilliant work man

    Love the presentaion of the first two works. I really like the archer at the end reminds me so much of Frank Frazzetta's work.
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    Model a truck tutorial

    Hi There,

    I came across a tutorial a while back where the author shows how to model a truck using primatives and dynamesh he also shows how to build a mag wheel. I cant find it again for the life...
  8. Suitability of ZBrush for organic scupltsures to be CNC Carved

    Okay So i've asked the same question in another forum but came across this in my research.

    My company is wanting to implemet Zbrush for sculpting but we need to get the polys to a CNC machine. The...
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