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    Awesome Work!

    Awesome work! You definitely have a broad range of skills.

    I'd love to know more details about your process, especially on the Keanu Reeves what material you used to print, what...
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    Pixologic team, you are so incredible; there is...

    Pixologic team, you are so incredible; there is no one else like you.
  3. Thread: Raven's work.

    by eFerrari

    Hey Raven, Great Work!

    Hey Raven,

    Cool tutorial on the FrameMesh functions. Using the Topology Brush to eliminate unwanted curves is especially smart!

    I wonder if framing with the qRemesher Brush will bring any...
  4. Hey guys, check out this other thread...

    Check this out:

    Another ZBrush user named Cyric has made a futuristic scimitar using SliceCurves. He...
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    Nice work Cyric!

    Awesome work and process Cyric, keep going!

    After Panel Looping, you could also Crease by PolyGroup to keep the blade edges nice and sharp, and you could turn Polish to zero in the Panel Loops...
  6. Hey ArtBot, thanks for the question. I'm sorry...

    Hey ArtBot, thanks for the question. I'm sorry that you're unable to achieve the same results; it's frustrating and I would also be unhappy. Let's try and figure this out.

    I don't mess with...
  7. Hey Skittixch, thanks for the question. I've...

    Hey Skittixch, thanks for the question. I've been a little busy lately, but I do plan on going more in depth on this process soon; and I'm going to include more images. But for now, I'll try to...
  8. Mummy Wraps/Bandages Technique with SliceCurve & Panel Loops

    Hello, this is my first thread on ZBrush Central.

    I thought, I'd share a character/workflow that I'm developing for a class over at ZBrush Workshops. The class is called "Advanced Character...
  9. Yes, this is Awesome!

    Well I know what I'll be watching tonight!!! Thanks, these are great!!!!!
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