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  1. Hotkeys with ALT key for scripted buttons work only once.

    I've written ZPlugin that lets user assign brushes to slots and switch between them with hotkeys. Everything in my script works perfectly fine if I click scripted buttons with mouse. Problem is with...
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    Set switch state without executing it.

    I want store some user preferences between zbrush sessions and load switches state after startup.
    I have memblock loaded/created at start, it contains information about pressed switches but I don't...
  3. Aww yiss! Now my switches works fine and finally...

    Aww yiss! Now my switches works fine and finally I can create nice spacers using IDisable command. Thanks Marcus!

  4. Probably bug- Strange behavior of switches with fixed width.

    Hi. When I set width of my switch it disable itself when I click it. Also sometimes on startup or random moments. Switches that are initially disabled can also enable itself after random actions....
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    Menu and UI groups by script

    We can create custom subpalettes by script but it is possible to create custom menu by script? Pointing to "create custom menu" in preferences don't work at all.
    Also, there is command to...
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    Oh I see it now, I updated first variable but not...

    Oh I see it now, I updated first variable but not tNote. It works now.
    Thanks Marcus! :)

    Next question.
    I'm doing something like batch render and I want gather all rendered images in new folder...
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    String variable don't update

    I try to get tool's current file path by [IGetTitle] and put it in string but it works only at first time.

    Here is code:

    [IButton, "ZPlugin:mScripts2:ToolInfoTest","display tool infos",...
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