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  1. Marcus, thx for the explanation. Didn't know...

    Marcus, thx for the explanation. Didn't know that.

    I avoid place the macro in a single key to match the ALT+SHIFT S/X to grow and shrink selection.

    But it's ok, kind I got used to press CTRL...
  2. How to repeat a Macro without release CTRL/ALT/SHIFT keys ??

    I made a simple Macro to grow a Mask and Sharpen it twice.

    I assigned to that a shortcut, CTRL + X

    //ZBRUSH MACRO - Recorded in ZBrush version 4.73
    [IButton,???,"Press to run this macro....
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    I realy need this feature!

    Plz Fix it!

    Maya 2013 x64 +Zbrush 4R3 = GoZ "Missing face data!" Oo!
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