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  1. modern scripting in ZBrush

    I'm bumping this to see if there are any news about modern scripting in ZBrush with a real programming language like python.
    Are there any rumours?
  2. OFFER MY SUPPORT to build a SDK/API

    I'm waiting for a SDK/API solution for 14 years and was hoping the 2018 update would bring this.
    We are moving fast to procedural geometry, animations, texturing etc and I fear Pixologic doesn't...
  3. It's a pity, that ZBrush only has this old...

    It's a pity, that ZBrush only has this old fashioned scripting which looks more UI and action related.
    I hope ZBrush 5 will come soon and with a modern and common script language like python and a...
  4. ZModeler Brush scripting to create procedural shapes

    Is it possible to control the ZModeler Brush and modifiers per script?
    I would like to create procedural shapes.
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