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    Mako from Tigersharks


    I always thought he looked cool!
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    Thanks rjsmal!

    Thanks! I am still kind of fumbling my way through zbrush, but I am slowly learning.
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    Spider-man Venom bust


    I was inspired by the original comic where Spidy got the symbiote
    Property of Marvel comics.
  4. Final Entry


    This is it! Wish me luck!
  5. Scene with caracter

    For the background: I made a table using a cylinder with dynamesh masking the folds and using move to bulge them out. then just copied it.
  6. Color turnaround

    I just used the poly painting in zbrush on a basic material. Except the eyes, I used the hexile noise filter, and a matcap that had the color and reflections I wanted.
  7. Poly painting

    This is a closeup of the head with lighting and poly paint.
  8. Thanks!

    Thanks Ulises! I am having fun with it. I hope I can finish in time.

  9. Started adding clothes!

    I used mesh extract to create the basic clothes. then used the move tool and clay buildup.


    I lathed a spline in Blender for the bowl, then imported it into Zbrush.
  10. A little more detail on the head

    I used mostly the Move tool and clay tubes to do the head

    Now onto the clothes and hands.
  11. Never mind! I just looked again, and it was right...

    Never mind! I just looked again, and it was right on top sorry!
  12. Thank you so much for the help! I looked over the...

    Thank you so much for the help! I looked over the submission rules and did not see anything about the title, but I changed it to look more like everyone elses. I hope that it is right.

    Thanks ...
  13. Thanks for the coment. I was looking at pics from...

    Thanks for the coment. I was looking at pics from the original movie, and I couldn't see much detail. So in my sculpt I am going to add a lot more detail.
  14. fly progress

    This is the layout in z sheres.

    This is the base mesh.
  15. It looks really good!

    hi this is the second part of the head sculpting.

    1) just refining the details and the shapes of the head

    2) taking of the symmetry and adjusting the facial features

    3) adding another...
  16. Twisted Horror (the Fly.) Excuse me fly ..there is a waiter in my soup.

    This is my concept for the twisted horror contest...

  17. monster mob

    I love the idea of frank in an old school mobster get up. I would worry that he would look to similar to other genres (the rocketeer, maybe Dick Tracy, ) I do like it though. It would be a lot of...
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