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    Thank You Pixologic 4R2b Works great! ..have a beer you earned it

    update went flawless, so glad as using for a current project. :tu:
    Pixolator, better yet get a keg for the whole Team Pixologic and pass out the red cups! ..uh I'll toast with the Mountain Dew crew....
  2. Thank You for the feedback and advice

    valcar3d, Thanks for the feedback and advice! You are so very right this program most artistically rewarding when one focuses on the art with whatever technical level familiar with. This werewolf was...
  3. Excellent

    ..Now this is visualizing 3D into reality! Thanks
  4. Sticky: Hairy Scary Warewolf

    I just started learning ZBrush this month and thought to try to participate wth this warewolf:
    280727 280728 280729
    Check out my thread here:...
  5. Werewolfed

    ..When I woke up this morning the werewolf had helped itself to some more of the nice material selections, standard with the new ZBrush.
    280192 another view 280510 found skull inside! 280725...
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    Thanks, helps save time!

    This really helps in learning ZBrush and saves time in hard surface modeling, symmetry and just rotating accurately so as to not need to adjust brush size as much. It speeds workflow and may help...
  7. Hairy Scary Creature Morph H0ll0ween 2011

    Things are gettin a little hairy-scary so I created this creature morph WIP. It is just dynamesh, a wild hair texture brush and polypaint [Polypaint>Grd] gradients. I will put the eye subtools...
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