Note: The links and information in this thread pertain to earlier versions of ZBrush and are outdated.

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During the last several months, Pixologic has relased a great many tutorials and utilities that ZBrush users should find helpful. In order to make it as easy as possible to locate them, we've decided to create a single thread that links to everything that Pixologic has published recently. This thread will continue to be updated as more such resources are released.

Check it out! Who knows? You might spot a few that you hadn't known about before!


These are all tutorials that have been published by Pixologic -- some written by our staff and some written by prominent artists -- that focus on particular ZBrush applications.

ZBC_Thumb1.jpg Tileable Texture Tutorial -- Making tileable texture maps has been a staple of 3D artists for years. Traditional methods require 2D tricks that fake depth. Using ZBrush's unique Pixol technology you can create tileable images with exact depth information to increase your level of realism.

ZBC_Thumb2.jpg Modeling With Your Texture -- Learn how to use your texture as a starting point for modeling. This tutorial shows a new approach to modeling medium frequency details, which perfectly match the model's texture.

ZBC_Thumb3.jpg Texturing With Photo Reference -- Learn how to use photo reference images and select ZScript tutorials to rapidly create detailed textures for characters.


Not part of the "Learning Series", these tutorials nonetheless provide valuable information for using ZBrush in a variety of ways. Don't miss them!

ZBC_Thumb4.jpg QuickStart Guides -- These PDF guides provide basic instruction in the subjects of Production Basics; Sculpting Basics; Sculpting Polymeshes; Masks, Stencils and Projection Master; Texturing Basics and Material Basics.

ZBC_Thumb5.jpg Texturing with ZAppLink -- A visual guide to using ZAppLink together with Projection Master to quickly and easily paint your textures.

ZBC_Thumb6.jpgZPipeline Guides -- Learn techniques for using ZBrush together with your favorite animation packages. Currently available are Softimage|XSI, Maya, 3D Studio Max and Cinema 4D.


We are occasionally able to work with prominent digital artists to provide videos that show their techniques in action. These videos don't necessarily focus on a single element of ZBrush, but rather give a picture of how everything comes together.

environmentThumb.jpb Pete Zoppi -- shows how he used ZBrush to create the digital fortress used in Underworld: Evolution.

ZBC_Thumb7.jpg Cesar Dacol Jr. -- Shares his techniques for using masks together with ZBrush's sculpting tools in a highly innovative way to create incredibly detailed figures.

ZBC_Thumb8.jpg Kris Kosta (Antropus) -- Has won several major contests using ZBrush. Now he shows an incredibly flexible texturing workflow that gives powerful insights into creating stunningly realistic textures.

ZBC_Thumb9.jpg Anh Nguyen -- Demonstrates sculpting in ZBrush, starting simply with the Sphere3D. He focuses on facial features such as the ear, eye, nose and mouth. As a bonus, he also provides four free ZTools which aritsts can use however they like.

ZBC_Thumb10.jpg Caroline Delen -- Provided our first ever Artists in Action videos with a two part movie showing how she uses ZAppLink together with ZBrush's correction/adjustment brushes to create stunning textures.


These four plugins have been created by Pixologic as free utilities that powerfully expand the core functionality of ZBrush 2. They are a must-have for serious ZBrush users.

ZBC_Thumb11.jpg ZMapper -- Provides new tools for creating normal maps to fit any animation package or rendering engine. It also allows artists to preview their maps directly within ZBrush. (Temporarily available only for the PC).

ZBC_Thumb12.jpg Displacement Exporter -- Takes displacement map creation to the next level. Multi Displacement 2 allows ZBrush to create maps for multiple UV regions simultaneously, and Displacement Exporter allows these maps to be exported in a variety of formats including floating point 32-bit maps and the new 8-dot-8 format for rendering engines that can't support 16 or 32-bit images.

ZBC_Thumb13.jpg ZAppLink -- Turns your favorite PSD-capable image editor (such as Photoshop or Painter) into a ZBrush plug-in! This utility allows you to seamlessly transfer your canvas between ZBrush and another program, even if a model has been dropped to the canvas using Projection Master.

ZBC_Thumb14.jpg Zketchpad -- Changes the ZBrush interface to provide an environment that simulates sketching with real-world pencils and paper. Many users have said it works better than Alias Sketchbook!

And don't forget about the various utilties that individual ZBrush users have generously provided! You can find them all in the ZBrush ZScript Utilities Forum.


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