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    i need help.
    1) There is a method to retrieve info about layers ?
    (current layer,active layers, layers number, etc)
    2) There is a method to trasform a number to a string ?
    3) There is a method to append two string ?
    (ex. [VarSet, one , "A"] [VarSet, two , "B"] [VarSet, TOT , append(one,two)])
    4) I have defined three buttons with these shortcut: Shift+'J', Ctrl+'J' and 'J'.
    Now pressing Shift-J or Ctrl-J executes the 'J' button too !!!
    Maybe a Bug ?

    For KenB:
    In your ZScript "CommonTools" you can use 'j' instead 'D'; because 'D' is default shortcut for Brush Depth.

    Thank you.


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    Post ZScript Help

    Hi, Cameyo -- let me see if I can help...

    1) Here is the method I use to determine the currently-selected layer:

    I check to see how many times I can press the "Move Layer Up" button, and that tells me how many layers "deep" my selected layer is. Here's a ZScript:


    2) and 3) Currently, there is no support of string manipulations in the ZScript command set.

    I have found a number of ways to work around this; if you'd like me to help you find a workaround, let me know.

    4) I haven't had this problem -- can you send me a sample of your buttons, and I'll see if I get the same result?

    Thanks for your questions,

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