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    Default Quick Doodle & more to come

    I'm a professional cartoonist and I've recently made my way into the world of Zbrush, here's my first doodle, hope you like it!

    ALIEN ART.jpg
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    Pretty good first doodle. I think you should define the details a little more - make them sharper.
    "Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture." - Allen Ginsberg

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    Default Sharper details

    Thanks for your comments. I defined some key areas a bit more with hpolish, dam standard and pinch brushes. More ideas and comments are welcome, I need to get good at this quickly


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    Default Another Wip

    This a work in progress, I still need to add a ton of stuff but I'd like to get your thoughts and suggestions, I have to add more teeth, tongue, eye lids, skin texture etc.


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