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    Default Dominance War V - Cascardi - God of Laziness

    Hi everyone!!

    Here is the WIP thread for my entry for the Dominance War V. The image below is my first study/concept for this character. The idea here is to make a huge fat figure which is the God of laziness, greediness or something related...


    In fact this is the second character I start for this contest. Even though I liked the first one, it became too "cute" for the DW stile... It was the god of friendship - a winged dog.

    A turntable of that winged dog, along with some more samples of my work, are available at www.andersoncascardi.blogspot.com Fell free to check it out!!

    Comments are welcome!!!
    See you on the dark side of the moon

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    Wow, cool. But something about him suggests he's inflated with helium rather than fat. Apply gravity to his forms.

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