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    Default Dominance War V - 3D - Talonhawk - God Of Adamantium

    I'm a noob just started doing 3d about 2 months ago or so. Here is what I have so far I am going to redo it though

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    Starting a new concept CONCEPT 2.gif

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    You are off to a good start, I hope you have reference material up. If you do not, I suggest going to the book store and picking up a nice Anatomy for Artists book, as well as use google. Also Goro from Mortal Kombat would be a great reference for you, I did a four armed guy not to long ago and I was always looking at pictures of Goro. You are also working to high poly, it looks like you are trying to work on the anatomy, what you should do first is work on your lowest subdivision and block in the form. After you get that you can step up and start blocking in the anatomy, once you have the form it is easier to see where muscles flow and attach. Keep it up.

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    thanks for the crit I agree hundred percent its about time for a silouhette check and I have to fix his deltoids and lowers arms so they arent as bulky.I am working my way down him so now i'm at the torso area I am jumping al over the place can't help it but I feel that this attempt has been successful for me. The way I have been working is moving up and down sub division levels so add clay level 2 add clay same area level 3 etc until level 6. It's alot better then what I have done before its funny you say great start only for the simple fact that this is my 7th start on this dom war project from scratch lol. I learned alot this is my first time creating a full character in zbrush. I like spotlight in zbrush for ref but it keeps making zbrush crash I guess have too many ref images on screen not sure. I hope to get more accomplished and I'll try to keep in mind what you have suggested. The hardest part for me is disciplining myself not to move up sub d levels too early. I am trying though it has been a blast and I'm hoping to finish on time since we got an extension to may 23rd

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