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    Default Rav3nway Sketchbook

    Hello Zbrushcentral! I'm still feel a bit ashamed to post something here around such great artists. Just started to work with zbrush and study anatomy, so if you have time and mood to comment it will be always welcome. This will be messy thread until I figure out how things working. Well you need to start one day somehow!

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    Hi there! Don't be afraid to post work up - there are artists of all skill levels on here! I think this is a great start, anatomy stuff is always great to do.
    "Better smeg, than dead..."

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    Your off to a fantastic start!
    You are tacking the most difficult features in your studies early on!

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    @ Chimz Thank you, going to start something more complex soon
    @ Takai Thank you, hard part is most fun one

    ATM working on this, going to make haircut and hands. Could some one recommend any matcap, I found some on zbrushcentral and I think most usable is GW_Leigh and x_undoz_Mud4 may be there's more suitable for anatomy showcase?
    Any anatomy tips will be really appreciated!

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    With a lot of sacrifices practicing on hard surface found some time to practice zbrush once again!

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    Default Basemesh

    Working on personal basemesh from scratch sphere+dynamesh only

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    Need to leave head alone and start working on the rest of the body

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    Last update for now, going to retopo everything in 3d coat

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    Finished retopo, messed with a face a bit, planing to continue working on the body

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