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    I'm reluctantly entering the contest. Not much time left, and I have to learn some new technical stuff in Maya, but hopefully I'll be able to get a good end result.

    It's been lot of fun so far. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. Cinder is my fighter, because he leaves so much room to be creative. You can do all kinds of things with a roughly humanoid ball of fire.

    Here's my generalized concept process.

    Cinder Process_1.jpg

    ******I COULD USE SOME HELP******
    I'm no expert on shaders or different kinds of maps. It's hard to make some things look as good in Maya as it does in Zbrush. I have a basic understanding, but any tips would be appreciated.

    Here are some areas I'm interested in.
    -Taking Zbrush matcaps to Maya. Is it possible? I want to keep my zbrush shader.
    -Any easy ways to make a Maya shader mimic a Zbrush matcap?
    -What's the best process for applying texture, lighting, glow, etc, for videogames? Any good Maya tutorials on that?

    Basically, I just need more information to make my final output look great in applications other than zbrush, rather than just pretty good. ANYTHING.
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    This is looking really nice. I'm not completely familiar with the rules of your competition, but I think a luminousity map is something to look at. Paint a black and white map where white defines 100% luminous and black is projecting no light.. That should make the white hot parts of the rocky-lava material stand out.

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    I was actually playing around with luminosity maps last night. They'll help.

    I guess I'm mostly looking for better methods than my own. I've always felt like there must be better techniques to the technical side of things.

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    Looks a lot like Blaze, from Mortal Kombat.


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