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    @ Subtool

    That's borderline DUMB.

    Everyone can't afford ZBRUSH, a powerful computer, and a 27 inch CINTIQ... Do you consider it cheating if you have all those mentioned items versus someone with a mouse, basic cpu and SCULPTRIS in a human figure sculpting contest?

    Will is a capable artist regardless of scans, he has shown that. Even with SCANS most artist STILL screw it UP. You still require SKILL and SELF DISCIPLINE regardless the TOOLS you are using.

    Scan data and TOOLS are littered all throughout the internet...




    Noticed all the POSER and MAKE HUMAN SCREW UPS...

    But nothing is wrong with SHORTCUTS if you have the SKILL to use them and that skill requires mastery, the masters always make things look simple and effortless, yet it generally took several years of STUDY and PRACTICE inorder to reach that point!

    Wikepedia describes Wisdom as is utilizing KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, understanding, common sense, and insight most optimally!

    I would conclude by saying "WILL HARBROTTLE" is a GENIUS...

    HATE his methods all YOU like I wager you will never be able to DUPLICATE this RESPONSE thru your work with that attitude!

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    Have to agree. Tools have never made the artist, regardless of discipline.

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    I think these works are amazing. Absolutely stunning. I also dont agree that scan data is cheating, but its not the same as starting from scratch either. Much the same way having the eye for being able to recreate textures, forms, etc is much more impressive than taking a photo. (although the photo can be just as beautiful in its own right). I have seen people using microsoft paint create incredible work.... for microsoft paint.

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    Thanks to everyone for all the interest. I'm happy to answer questions. Sorry if I missed some.

    johnchen -- What would help me the most is folders or groups like in Photoshop and Maya. In the meantime, I keep things organized by ordering my subtools from head to foot. I can find anything I'm looking for "relatively" easily this way -- even with hundreds of subtools. For example, a belt is higher in the list than a kneepad, and a kneepad is higher than a boot.

    Myselfsama -- I don't use goZ. It doesn't play well with my Maya scenes. Besides, goZ doesn't preserve polygroups. And I polygroup everything. What I meant by parts "going along for the ride" is that you can "parent" parts to other parts or to groups and then move them. Maya also remembers pivot points and orientations. This makes posing, unposing and fine-tuning whole characters much easier for me. You can make adjustments all along the way to account for costume updates or pose changes. As for bent body parts -- you've hit on one of the main reasons I keep all body parts separate. If the biceps is separate from the forearm, you can sculpt on one of them without messing up the other.

    Takai -- Yes, poseable symmetry on heads especially. Just be careful. Poseable symmetry isn't perfect. As you work on the piece in ZBrush, it can begin to stray from symmetry - sometimes without you really being able to tell very easily. I usually send the head to maya, re-center it and check the symmetry at several points along the way. Sometimes the head gets WAY out of symmetry, but I didn't notice because our brains are programmed to see heads as symmetrical even when they aren't. Usually you just start to notice that something is looking "off". I add natural asymmetry usually near the end, and often on a separate layer.

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    Thanks for getting back, I showed a few people at work your sculpts, most agree its damn amazing. cheers
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    Thanks for your workflow description,please keep posting your great Stuff William

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    Hey Will, I'll try to learn how posing in through maya works. I have another question however, I find that your anatomy work is very incredibly detailed and accurate. You mentioned that you use alot of reference and such from 3dsk, however I've noticed that most if not all of their photos have a very even flat lighting, making it difficult to discern sculptural form. Before you posted your latest in depth tutorial, I was going to ask if after getting client approval for a pose you shot your own reference from a model. But I'm wondering if perhaps you can share more information on the subject. Thanks for your time,


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