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    I've got an object finished, then painted with textures from some images. I want to try to get this to something like Shapeways: any STL WRL etc format. I know there are threads for using Blender, but I don't have Blender (Sculptris is my first foray into this sort of thing). I tried MeshLab, but can't seem to figure out how to use it yet to display the texture map. I brought over some files to a friend who has ZBrush, and he loaded the .obj and .jpg (coverted from the Sculptris .png) and the map was awful, not at all as it looked in Sculptris. I won't likely have any chance to work much with him on this.

    So, is there a way for noobs to take the finished Sculptris item with painting and get it to other formats without learning several other programs? I'm trying to learn these, but it would be awesome to have multiple output formats for Sculptris.

    I attached the images of the item (a flute) from Sculptris (the nice, smooth looking coloring) and the ZBrush reading in of the .obj and .jpg (.png) from Sculptris.

    Thanks for any help. sculptris_flute.jpg ZBrush_flute.jpg

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    ok, learning as I go. disregard!
    got blender (didnt' realize it too was free!)
    followed a few tutorials and took a look at my rendered object and it looked fine
    i can save into .STL with that (or the free meshlab i guess got too)
    also, to top it all off, shapeways accepts .obj files now

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