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    Default Wyatt's Sketchbook v2

    Figured I'd start a fresh thread for 4r2.
    So far I am loving this update.

    One thing about me when it comes to 3D, I am slow. Slow to the point that it's not uncommon for me to get aggravated or bored with a project and abandon it before I'm able to complete it or I'll hit some pipeline roadblock that ends with the same result.

    I think Dynamesh was made with me in mind. I was able to sculpt and sculpt and not think about the tech side while doing so. I made plenty of little mistakes while working but fixing it was simple. Adding new geometry, no problem. This is very liberating. One thing I need to remember is to not detail until I've got the basic shape down. I must have redone the eyes and cheeks 4 times becuase Dynamesh kept smoothing it out.

    Anyway, here is the first thing I've made that I took to a point of being somewhat done. Started with the Dynamesh_128 ball and stayed at 128. No image_plane_X this time, just eyeballed it.

    Here is the result after an hour and 6 "Insert Cylinders". This for me is very fast.

    And after another hour.

    And then some minor tweaks.

    This was an experiment with LightCap. Great feature btw. Loaded an HDRI image, clicked the LightCap button and boom, done.

    To everyone at Pixologic, thank you so very much for this great update.
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    I'm following Stefano Dubay's gesture tutorial linked in the blog. Of course I can't start with something simple so I'm creating this extreme dancer pose.
    I'm just starting out but I wanted to throw this up and get feedback on the proportions before I continued.
    The image on the left will be the final angle.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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