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    Default My first post at ZBrushCentral & my entry to Halloween Challenge 2011

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first post at ZBrushCentral and is my entry to the Halloween Challenge 2011. I've been watching the videos for the new features of 4R2 and thought this challenge was a great opportunity to put some of this new knowledge to practice. I have had great fun creating this model, and learnt so much in the process, though there's a long way to go - most of the stuff here is just amazing. Anyway, here's the model before final tweaking and polypainting:

    Here are four images after tweaking and polypainting - I need to practice more with rendering options and light caps:

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    Default Alien Birth - edited slightly

    Hi everyone,
    I've edited my 'Alien Birth' model slightly by smoothing out the tail, and some of the pumpkin edges, since I thought it all looked too busy. I also experimented a bit with light caps and got this:

    I guess the concept is rather weak (not another alien!) but I've had fun and hopefully improved my understanding of how amazing ZBrush is!

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