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    Default Bewitched Samantha_TheBroomRider

    Hello, My entry for the Halloween Challenge is Samantha from Bewitched, oh yeah. (the cartoon one on the intro)
    Lucky Darrin, its Halloween every day for him, but we all know the adorable Endora is the best witch, "you can bet your sweet broomstick". Unless your name is Darrin Stevens of course.
    I have no wip images, but I have timelapsed the whole creation from begining to end. I'm in the process of uploading to ewtube, all 59 and a half minuites of it.
    The videos quality isn't all that wonderful, but watchable and listenable, with audio bewitching.....I mean..... befitting to the subject matter.

    I went a bit berzerk with the ref image grabbing, and only really used the first BroomRiding image in spotlight for modelling ref, along with the third BroomRiding image for the cape shape.
    IL be the first to point out that my models face does not capture her likeness from the front, yeah had some trouble with that but its not too bad from the side, and I took a fair bit of artistic licence with most of it in general.

    notice the first and best Darrin btw....
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    Alrighty then, here's the Timelapses, quite fuzzy on youtube.
    Its like mp4 of an mp4'd mp4 file......mp444
    iL have to sort out better ones at some point.
    I Started this last Monday night (24th Oct)
    Also learned that .ZMV files can get corrupted when they get too big (2-3GB ish)
    Fortunately i exported the first few movies as QuickTime just in time. I had a funny feeling i'd better just in case something went wrong, and it did,
    and my heart still sank a little (took a nose dive) thinking i could have lost it.......(its my first attempt at a decent timelapse)

    Hope you like......
    Some nice music too, to set the mood, though nausea of the ear drum could occur. In which/WITCH case hit the mute button and play your desired sounds.
    im gonna nauseate my ear lobes yet again and see how they play/check for errors.

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    Default Very nice

    She's really cool. Love her smile.
    http://TrappedInFlesh.com I learn from available resources I can afford.

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    Ah TrappedInFlesh, Nice one, i recognize that name from the cgchannel HeavyMetal.
    Thanking you kind sir, much appreciated.
    I'd like to model her again some time, only try keep it more to the exact original designs.

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    Seeing as i uploaded the Timelapses and completely forgot about a Turntable......Here's a Turntable in much higher quality.

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