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    Default halloween graveyeard monster


    I thought I was to late for this entry, but then I saw that the time had been extended. Now that I am done with the sculpt I can see that there are some stuff that I should have polished, but it's time to move on.

    sculpt progress

    render passes


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    Awesome man, thanks for sharing! What did you use to model the grass, or usually use? Thanks! (:

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    WoW! Nice thread! Nice work!

    Is this rendered in zbrush or another program? If it is in zbrush, how did you create the grass? =O

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    Glad you guys liked it. The grass is made with maya paint effects, which I exported as an obj and imported into ZBrush. I rendered the scene in ZBrush. Comp was done in photoshop.

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    I love the mood and lighting.

    The CA looks great in the body of objects but it makes the edges scream.

    Is there any sort of shader, other than a toon shader, that will output edges so they could be excluded form the CA?

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    I after that the edges of the foreground is too visible. This is however not caused by the chromatic abberation, but the alpha/mask of the 3d objects. Since ZBrush always render the beauty pass as premultiplied, masking of the edges is often an issue.

    In this case I should have used a background in zbrush that matched the final comps background, but it had not been created yet. I could also have shrunken the mask a pixel or so in photoshop, but the best result is always to render with the correct background in zbrush.

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