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    Default Daniel Sindo - Sketch Book 2 (Gnomon 3 year student)

    Hey, my name is Daniel Sindo. I am currently attending the 3 year program at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I am in my first term so I have not taken any 3d classes at Gnomon, yet...Here is some zbrush work I did for some of my classes.

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    Thumbs up

    looking good boss
    also nice blog so far
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    Uh, you may start building some altar,
    cause if this is where you´re at already, i will need some place to bow myself in front of you.

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    Thanks so much guys. I will be doing more work during winter break. I have not been sculpting in Zbrush because of school, but I will be doing more sculpts soon. Can't wait to get back on Zbrush :]

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    Hey everyone. I'm finally on break from Gnomon so i'm trying to get back into zbrush. This is a sketch to get back into it. I miss sculpting so much. Anyways... have a great day. Even if this is a sketch, feedback is always appreciated...

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