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    Default Dominance War5-Jae-God of Nuke

    Hi Guys
    I'd like share my submission for Dominance War5
    The name of this god(devil) is God of Nuke.(I think I have bad sence of naming........)
    I hope you guys like it.
    Main image rendered in Marmoset tool bag.

    Some of zbrush model screenshots.

    Here is background story about this guy.

    He was a commander of special force for nuclear warfare.
    Oneday he got involved in suicide mission and all of his team members and he were killed in action by radiation poisoning.
    At the very time of death he noticed someone set him up to this trap.
    He fell down to the hell after death.Then He sold his soul to Satan for revenge and he became a devil with nuclear warfare equipment..(it's really cheesy and typical cartoon story .......I guess devil could be kind of god though....)
    body made from zirconium to keep some nuclear material like plutonium.
    It brings the dead body of commander and nuclear reactor and nuke with him.
    his Body is connected to head with kind of cable to send and recieve signals.....

    The concept based on my terrible story above.

    I'm going to post more screenshtos soon.
    My Hompage----- http://gamegraphicartist.com/
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