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    thanks , it was first test with the preview build so not setting was saved , there was not option for that , and btw I did this just with the fiber and not micro-mesh , first create the fiber with low profile like 1 , and with 3-4 segments and make them shorter and not to long , after that you can use the grow length brush and model the feathers to desired length , it was much simple this way as there is possible to make more variation or layer them better .. I did not had the time to post some tutor as usual but will do next week . it is not perfect great alternative and I also rig it and was working nice

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    Nice Feathers Mec4D! Would it be possible to share your settings and/or give a short tutorial on how you achieved this look? I'm attempting to feather a bird myself but am also really interested in how to create the shorter contour feathers for the entire body as well.

    Simple is Beautiful ~Mec4D

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    Thanks for the reply Mec4D. That would be really great if you can post a tutorial next week. I'd really like to know your combing and layering methods as well.

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