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    Default God of Insects - Dominance War V

    Hi there.

    Here is the model I made for the Dominance War V.

    I really wanted to make something original, something people haven't seen before.
    A god that has history and something that makes you wonder. I pushed materials and functionality with this one as much as I could.
    The idea was to give the god scale and keep the balance of somewhat pure and impure within.
    The whole simple mask vs complex chest idea came from that. The insects are very fascinating things and very cool.
    It was probably the most far fetched thing for me to do considering my previous works. So of course I had to try it.
    It's been a very tough race but I am very glad I pulled this the whole way through.

    It took me roughly 2 months to make after working hours.

    This is my first entry in any competition, so I am very pleased with making it into finals and eventually to 4.th place.

    I will post more wips and things of that sort shortly!

    Previewing is done in Marmoset so this is how it will look in game pretty much.

    I hope you like it.

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    Hi there.

    Here are some more wip and "under the hood" images.

    I hope you like them.

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    blasted wastelands....


    that is awesome

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    Hey dude!

    Finally back from my vacation hehe :P

    That is one hellofa god! Crazy amount of tiny details.

    I must also say that your UVs are SUPERtight Good work!

    It is really cool to see what he looks like under the wings and robe.

    Just realized that his stomach is filled with worms :P Didnt see them in the in-game version.

    Btw, you must teach me how to get such beautiful renders in marmoset!!

    Did you create some cool concepts as well or did you just go crazy in mudbox?


    /Jonas Skoog

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    @strangehighways: Thanks!

    @Energise: Thanks a lot bro! Glad the trip went nice.

    Actually I saw this thing/god in a dream and quite clear too...

    So I just modeled the basics right away in maya the same week.

    The bugs were made in maya, but I did try both mudbox and zbrush for sculpting.

    Highres is roughly 60 mill so not too massive. :P

    Would love to show you some stuff at some occasion! and same goes right back at you.

    If you think it's creepy now you should see the rig I have for it that friend made with all tiny arms moving etc. :P


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