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    Been playing too much skyrim lately and then came zbrush 4.2b so I played with that aswell. Came up with a male forest spirit since there werent any in skyrim, only females. cellshaded a bit in photoshop. Fibermesh for some of the grass on shoulders,chin and for the smaller branches behind him.

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    Really nice! The model is awesome! What brushes did you use the most when you were modeling this masterpiece! :P I really like it, the polypaint is really nice too! Could you upload a picture of the model before photoshop please? I really like your model can't wait to see your next one!


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    an afternoon doodle, always wanted to make a dwarf , but i never really did cause of all the hair you had to make, fibremesh made it easier now

    used bpr filters , maybe too much noise.

    calling him Mike Dorfson.

    I will probably work on this one some more, dorfs are fun. Maybe give him some armor shoulders , an axe on his back and a background

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    Awesome result! I'd put less thickness to the hair tho... the guy is rude but not that much

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    and this is the general idea for the final. Working on a Club weapon atm , i'll make some armor tomorrow too.
    sorry for posting again so soon. Posted the other one a bit too early.

    I'm thinking of using tiny hairs in white and mess around with coverage and flare to have it appear as snowflakes and frost stuck to the skin.

    I would also like to "braid" some of the side hair, but i've generated hair with a lot of profile and segments and it's still really hard to get it right.

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    probably calling this one done now. Was a fun fibremesh test.

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    thought i'd post some stuff after a long time.
    A troll made in zbrush (rendered in marmoset 2)

    Made a Dragon bust (rendered in marmoset 2)

    and Olaf from the movie frozen (rendered in zbrush , with youtube turntable from zbrush)


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    Weekend doodle after seeing the world of warcraft expansion cinematic for inspiration.
    Model : zbrush
    render : marmoset toolbag
    post: photoshop

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