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    Default Loss of Motivation

    Hey all, I am posting this in hopes that somebody will talk some sense into me and get me out of this funk I am in. I recently graduated from college in December, the first few weeks were fine. I sat at my computer and worked on some models. In school, I was known for always working on something, I was always pushing others to do their work and trying to motivate people. Sadly, I feel my motivation has run its course. Over the past month I have done little to no 3d work. I will sit and may work for a few minutes and I will lose complete concentration. I feel terrible because I want to work on something, but I cannot get the motivation to do anything. It's like when you are really hungry, and food sounds great, but you do not know what to make or nothing sounds good. I am having a real hard time figuring out what I want to do. In school I focused my time modeling characters, but I am finding there are no character jobs open, and if there are they are senior level. So I decided to start working on environment's, that lasted a few days and I realized I am lost. My question is that is this something that everybody goes through and that I will eventually come out of? I am also asking if I should stick with characters, or should I focus on something such as environments for now to get a job? I guess I am just feeling really lost and confused at the moment and need some helpful advise.


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    Download this wallpaper and get motivated (posted by Mark Dygert).
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    I wish I had time to be unmodivated. I get a lot of inspiration from movies and artwork.

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    Default Some people can...

    Some people can go through entire lives and never be at a loss for motivation or inspiration...
    Then there's the rest of us.
    You are a bit burned out after the schedule of school. You now have to give yourself deadlines and projects, and
    most importantly, goals...no easy task.

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    You've probably pressured yourself a bit much. Just take a break and relax. Do something different, away from your computer. There's no sense in staring at the screen wishing you could do something.

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    Thumbs up Motivation teams

    Hey.. We all got the moment sometimes. Contact me for motivations or monitoring both work in progress..

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