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    Lightbulb ZBrush Webinars Poll

    At Pixologic, we're not only looking for exciting new ways to advance computer art, we're also on the look out for new opportunities to help our users master the various features found in ZBrush! Seeing ZBrush in action is always a really cool way to learn and be inspired to try new techniques, which is one of the reasons our User Group Meetings have been so successful. Unfortunately, it just wasn't possible for everyone to come to these events.

    Until now!

    Pixologic is currently planning some exciting webinars that artists will be able to tune in to from around the world. It will be the learning of a PUG Meeting, but from the comfort of your own home, office or school. How cool is that?

    In order to help people get the most out of these events, we want to get an idea of when will work best for you. To participate in the poll and help us find the ideal time that will be able to reach the widest audience, please visit our Facebook page.

    While you're there, be sure to "Like" us. That way you'll be even more in the know regarding your favorite art software program!

    Happy ZBrushing!

    Questions about using ZBrush? Check out these valuable resources:

    ZBrush Tutorial Movies: Link
    Download Center: (PDF documentation, models, plugins): Link

    Online Documentation: Link

    ZBC FAQ: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/faq.php
    ZBC Advanced Search:

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    Will these be recorded and put available somewhere afterwards?

    i'm fairly sure they will end up in NA evening time, so some of us Euro's can watch the recording if that happens.

    ps: i don't have facebook out of principle, maybe it's an IT thing (most of my IT collegues avoid facebook) , I only see downsides in a company keeping track of everything I do/like.
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    No Facebook here to
    Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing wich ones to keep. (Scott Adams)

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    Thanks Pixelogic, sounds like an fantastic idea. Will definently take part on each webinar!
    Great opportunity for artists to communicate about there passion of zbrush and ofcourse making contact with other!
    Facebook may not be the best ohoice, because a lot don't have facebook at this, I do but just only keepin' in touch with family and old friends.
    Looking forward to it,

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    Thank you, Pixologic! I am excited for the webinars! I recently watched the recorded Introduction to Zbrush webinar from Novedge, and have been watching that one over and over. Are you planning on recording these ones, as well?
    I don't use facebook, though, but for family and friends.

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    G+ pool maybe? I don't have active facebook too.

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    It may of course be that you re-invent the Webinar-Format too...
    Thus far however I personally prefer well rehearsed and focused Demonstration Videos (as you have created so many in the past) over some added "human Touch" of Webinars. You may not get enough positive Feedback for your Instructional Clips, but these are great Learning Resources.
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    i personally wouldn't mind seeing webinars coming to the zbrush community there a great asset to learn from other great artist in the zbrush community.. when i first seen the new webcasts added to the zclassroom i figured that would be a monthly thing at least so i was looking forward to learning from the great artist contributing but it kind of fizzled out and was never kept up with as would liked so i hope that this new idea proposed doesnt do the same in the end..

    there is one thing that i really wanted to see come into the new zbrush update it was mentioned but never really demonstrated would be the new zcasting feature that was proposed back in 2006. it was really great idea when they first brought it up especially for connecting the zbrush community and to be used as a teaching tool from what i got out of it any ways especially the ability to stream zbrush sessions online and sit in on different peoples sessions, pixologic even incorporated the plugin back in zbrush 3 but was removed in later versions. so i really do hope pixologic still considers adding this in at a later date.. but yeah this idea of zcasting was first introduced in ryans review post here.. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthr...light=siggraph

    but yeah all things considered would love to see this idea develop please bring zcasting..

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    Default Webinars Yes / Facebook No

    The Novedge webinar was useful and I will certainly attend others. Is there a notification list?

    No Facebook please.


    Onward into the night...the dark and mysterious night

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    I love the Webinar idea, very usefull. But please not Facebook.

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