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    Default Psymon Stark

    With the new SSX release I decided to do my rendition of Psymon. As a long time fan of the series I wanted to do my own personal image of Psymon.

    Much like how the new SSX is set 6 years after Blur I will pay respect to Psymon's current age which is around 37.

    With Psymon I really wanted to sell that dark and sinister feel to his character so I chose to go with a hair style that would help me reflect that. I drew inspiration from Jin Kazama from Tekken, Shadow the Hedgehog from the sonic series, and since Psymon is to be a biker guy I chose to slick his hair back like greasers from the 50's.

    I'm remaining true to the SSX Tricky Psymon because that is the character I feel in love with and so far he has been fun to create.

    I started working on him a couple of nights ago so expect updates on the rest of this character. Enjoy!

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    Looks cool. Really want to see the whole character as you progress with him. I cant wait to get the new SSX.

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    Thanks for the comment Javier.

    Here's an update on the nose and eye areas. Enjoy.

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    Here's a quick pose I put this go in.

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    Here's an update on the body. Enjoy!

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    Here's a full body shot. Still need to work on the legs a bit more before moving up to the next sub level.

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    Hey guys I was working on some suit designs last night and I want your opinions on them.

    #1: This is a sleeveless collared leather jacket worn over an undershirt.
    #2: This is just a basic black vest with a white undershirt.
    #3: Basically the same thing as #1 except it has sleeves.
    #4: This is Psymon's traditional white tank top that he wore in SSX Tricky.
    #5: This is the standard black hoodie with a white T-Shirt underneath.
    #6: With this suit I decided to go for a bit of a nobility look and those the interesting collar and buttons on this shirt.
    #7: This is somewhat like #'s 1 and 3, except this is the unzipped version.
    #8: This is personally my favorite design so far. It is a leather pea coat with 1 set of buckles and buttons to hold the coat together. I remained true to Psymon's tattoos with the chain pattern on this coat.

    Tell me what you think of the designs so far and please post which ones you like the most. This guy is meant to be a heavy metal/biker guy, but I want to give him a more noble spin.

    Hope you like the designs.

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    Here's an after spring break update.

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    Here's a better render with slight adjustments to the head and hair.

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    Decided a couple nights ago to revisit this sculpt and apply some new knowledge of human anatomy to it. The hair is a wip and the jacket is a place holder.

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