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    Default Modo 601 - Zbrush 4 Joint correction workflow


    In this short video we look at how to make use of Zbrush in the process with the new Modo 601 character rigging for J.C.M (Joint Controlled Morphs). J.C.M can be used for two main reasons, 1) Correct bad deformations 2) Add muscle forms.

    As in its name, these morphs are controlled by the rotation of joints, this means that for instance when we rotate the shoulder we may want the muscles effected to look more natural such as the Deltoid, Pectoralis, Trapezius muscles. Again, the same for rotating the forearm, we may want not only better deformations, but maybe a Bicep bulge. This video shows a very basic deformation in action, and how to set this up between the two applications.

    (Note) You must not have any other geometry in the scene when exporting the posed mesh, even if other meshes are turned off in the scene. Modo exports all meshes into one single object. You can create a new scene and paste just the posed geometry into that, then export it, or look for a script that allows exporting of single meshes)

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