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    Default Refractive, Self-illuminating Material?

    Hi all,

    I'm in a little pinch for an HMC over at CGTalk. I wont have time to set up a render with MR or VRay, but am a zero-skill in regards to rendering/materials in ZB. Does anyone know how to create an incandescent/self-illuminating, refractive material in ZB (blue/red), like a glowing crystal ball and can let me in on the secret? I would really appreciate some tips and help.

    Oh, here's what the mat is for: The Eyes (blue or red) of An Omu from Miyazaki Hayao's NausicaƤ. The attached image is a quick ZB render of just the main shell, legs etc still missing.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    PS: For those interested in more, here's the link to the challenge forum: http://forums.cgsociety.org/forumdisplay.php?f=208
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    I do know that ZBrush can't do true self illuminating materials... or anything approaching it I don't think

    Either do it in another 3D package or do it in post... paint in the reflective/refractive elements and then duplicate the layer and gaussian blur it to taste...

    Heres a 2 second render in zbrush using the 'colourized glow' material (a default shader) and then a further 45 seconds in Photoshop...

    Sorry if im teaching my granny how to suck eggs...


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    Doing it in post with a colored Chrome Matcap was my last resort, but that "Colorized Glow" material might just do the trick. I'll give that a try. Thanks a lot for your input and advice!


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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander_72 View Post
    Thanks a lot for your input and advice!
    Your welcome...


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