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    Wink My Very First post and Serious Work with Zbrush!

    Hey Guys I've made some art works with Zbrush for fun and practicing... thought to share it with World!


    Well if you wonder what's Nowruz, well it's a Traditional Ceremony for Persian New year...

    Inspired from this pic

    And the Result is this:

    Used LightCap for Lighting, BPR for Rendering.....

    And here are some Behind the Scene pics!

    Oh Also I've made another Art Work almost with Fiber...love this new feature on Zbrush!


    Almost Used Photoshop for Painting...

    Behind the scene pic:

    Thanks and Comments will be Appreciated


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    Hello there, nice variety of works you have here already and I must say for a beginner your pieces aren't too bad - you can only become even better with practice right? I like the fish one in particular. Keep posting your progess!


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    Default tnx

    Thanks bro, Yea sure i will post my works soon I***39;m trying to learn about body anatomy at the moment...

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