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    Default Droid Sculpt

    Older work of mine, felt like it might still be worth putting it up online
    Made as an exercise for fun, no particular outcome in mind, just to practice. I believe it was done during lunch breaks a while back ago.

    Thanks for watching,

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    ALL THE HANDS ! Older piece, study of own hand
    Thanks for dropping by.

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    badass hands!!!

    S K I N N Y B O N E Z

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    Love your sculpting on the hands aswell I remember seeing your helmet designs, they totally are bad ass Vick.
    We live so closely Hamburg - Amsterdam we should one time do a sculpting session man.

    Definantly always looking forward seeing more from you budddy.


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    Hey guys, thanks so much for the kind words. This a more recent sculpt of mine, completely random, trying out different things. Will make him realtime eventually.
    KC- Thanks man, whenever ur in Amsterdam let me know, we can go out for a beer or something Nice sculpts btw, lots and lots of monsters I love monsters haha

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    Default Blurgha - The Beast (Real-time model)

    Oh man it`s been such a long time I posted stuff online, especially here, but oh well better late than never.

    Here`s a piece I`ve finished recently for a competition. I`ve missed the deadline so I took my time with it and make a production ready, animatable model for my portfolio

    I`ve used Zbrush for Concept / High Res , Substance Painter for texture and real-time bakes and finally rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

    I will post some Keyshot clay renders soon, and a proper breakdown of all the process but for now I`d like to share with you guys my final renders.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to check this out

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    Might as well add the last two beauty renders before I start putting in breakdown stuff

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    Thumbs up

    Oh damn, this turned out great!

    I was following your WIPs during the beast contest, nice to see the end result

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    @ABorre thank you very much man glad you like it

    Here are a few clay renders of the creature, rendered in Keyshot

    Happy Haloweeeeen people

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    Default Looks Great!

    You really conveyed the weight! It's fascinating there are no teeth on this Kaiju sea creature, might be a first on ZBC.
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    Thank you very much Sadicus No teeth as it was inspired from a cat fish, he pretty much gulps his prey , no chewing required haha ) No dentist required either )
    Also here is some quick sketching practice I did for Haloween, inspired by an awesome Romanian 2d artist called Cosmin Podar. I did take the concept in a different direction after a while and experimented with horns

    Used Keyshot for last two renders, the first render is just a viewport grab using Zbro Mat Cap.

    Thank you for watching !

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    great work Vick and congrats on the top row!
    Freelance Character Artist

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    Started this Charizard inspired sculpt about 7 months ago and worked on it before/after work and weekends.

    It`s been a playground model for various RnD techniques where I`ve tried out reproducing believable surfacing via sculpting.
    I`ve bought some displacement maps from surface mimic and tried that, also did some custom alphas, but ultimately I had to sculpt 95% of it by hand anyway. Took aggeeeesss

    I think I have well over 200k history states all in all just for scale sculpting alone ))
    The model is about 60-70 million polygons done in Zbrush and the renders are in Keyshot using the bridge thing. Not even decimated or anything, just sent to Keyshot, applied a material derived from the Zbrush ones that come with Keyshot and added a Light Tent.
    Will be posting some Matcap screen grabs from ZBrush soon as well just to have those in here for safekeeping

    This has been by far the most challenging thing I`ve ever attempted but I`m so glad it`s finally done. No special brushes or cool techniques I`m afraid, just Orbs Cracks brush/Slash brush , Dam Standard, Clay and Move And lots and lots of time

    Hope you guys enjoy him ! I sure as hell did making him !


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