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    Default New Import / Export Button

    Hey all,

    I'm new to ZScripting and I have probably a very simple question. I want to be able to create a new Import and Export Button, but the functionality will be:

    Go to folder I define in my zscript, find all of the files in that folder, load all the files in that folder, delete all the files in that folder.

    So pretty much what the Import button is now, but without popping up a GUI and then deleting the files after.

    I was scrubbing through other threads and the wiki, and most seem to use the ZFileUtils; however, 1. I'm using ZBrush v4 on a Mac which means its apparently not compatible and 2. Even if it is I can't seem to download it anywhere.

    Does anyone have any other advice? Thank you so much.

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    I should be able to let you have a Mac dylib file that will do what you want but I shan't be able to do it for a day or two as I have limited web access at the moment.

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    That would be wonderful.... Thank you so much!

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