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    Default 'Briareos' - character from Appleseed - meets Mad Max/Lonewolf n Cub

    Hello ZBC, first time poster here, so Hi to you all.

    As a personal project and way to learn ZB I thought Id combine a few of my favourite heroes into one character, specifically Briareos but mixed with a couple of other favorites of mine.

    For those unfamiliar with Shirows work on 'Appleseed' -

    more info- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appleseed_(manga)

    Day one - without giving too much away at this point, this will be an older more grissled Briareos, carrying some damage and also some very delicate and important cargo.

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    Default Briareos - wip

    More blocking in and adjusting broad forms -

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    Default Update

    Still blocking in the forms, but took a little break to work up an accessory for the presentation shot later.

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    Default Update - blocking in finished - now to stage 2 of layout before HI poly sculpting.

    Update - blocking in finished - now to stage 2 of layout before HI poly sculpting.

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    Default Update

    More blocking in and roughing out more details -

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    Default 'Lil' aside

    Took a day off yesterday to start a piece for the upcoming 'Tank Girl' series - it also serves the purpose of giving me some practice on sculpting the two 'cubs' for Briareos.

    'Lil' Tank Girl

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    Default Briareos - 'Beowulf MK II - Battle Rifle'

    Back to Briareos and the final Pass - Heres the Low Poly BaseMesh of the 'Beowulf Mk II - Battle Rifle' A squat and hardy low maintenance Rail Weapon, powered from interchangeable Cells and/or External Generators.

    Now to ZBrush with it.

    C and C Welcome

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    Default Bipod Added

    Added the Bipod and made some minor tweaks and now starting the HP proper -

    C and C welcome.

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    Default 'Beowulf II' Railgun High Poly Sculpt

    Got a bit of time to get the HP sculpt started on the Railgun - sculpting in extended form for ease and hoping it all still folds nicely, best check that soon.

    C and C welcome

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    Default LP changes and HP sculpt

    Made some changes to the LP on various sub assemblies to get better ZB output - mostly it was T's and corner flow that caused the issues rather than density - lesson learnt

    C and C welcome
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    Default Update

    Enlarged Bipod and tested folded mode, added some cabling placeholders and some other general furniture.

    C n C welcome

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    Default HP almost done.

    Pretty much done with the factory shipped version. A few things to tidy and add; grip surfaces and hints at different materials then onto wear and tear layers.

    Still need to add a Eye and Wrist Jacks and cable and the external power cables to link to Briareos.

    C and C welcome

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    Default HP Factory version finished

    I think Ill call the HP done for now, primarily as it was just a way to test and bed in the new ZB and I want to get the LP done and textured while working up Briareos.

    Ill be texturing it using tried methods as a factory perfect version first then using some different techniques to create the battered and weathered later.

    C and C welcome

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    Default Problem - requiring assistance

    Thank you for the encouragement Alismuffin

    As a test of HP to LP workflow I thought Id make some Speedloader pouches, a simple object to test and rough polypaint to test workflow and pipeline. But Ive got a wee problem!

    After doing some HP sculpting I decided to go back and change the UV's a little and now its giving me trouble.

    -I thought I could just import it into div 1 of the already sculpted Speedloader subtool but it doesn't seem to like that.

    -I tried copying UVs in ZB and pasting and again but NO GO.

    -So I tried dividing it upto same divs and projecting the detail with many small tweaks of PBlue, Mean etc and I still find it unsatisfactory. Is there a science to Projection now ? does anyone have any suggestions on this or another method? Or should I just keep tweaking Projection and hope I can get there eventually?

    TBH It was only a very fast sculpt to get something for testing the whole workflow so I'm not precious about the sculpt, in fact its pretty raw imo, but Id like to be able to get out of this fix if it occurs with other more complex sculpts later.

    Suggestions please?

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    Thisis what I get when I import a new Div1 with new uvs into the old HP.

    Any thoughts or suggestions as to problem or fix?

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