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    Default Assistance WAS required

    Sorted the previously mentioned problem with a quick export of div 1 copy over new UVs and reimport.
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    Quick poly-paint to give me something to fine tune settings in ZB.

    MK II Speedloader pouches - still using this to test various ZB features.

    Realised as this will be less than 256 space wise Id better make better use of the UVs. Can almost totally lose the slight internal detail and rear areas.

    C and C welcome
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    Just wanted to say I think your work is coming along nicely. I take it you've had a background in 3D prior to jumping into ZB?

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    Default Assistance Required

    Thanks Daniel@lion-arts.com. Yes I've been into 3D for a while now, but like many people I imagine; ZB was the tool Id waited for without realising to bridge that gap between Sculpture, sketching and 3D - happy times.

    Working up some anatomy studies before I dive into Briareos physique proper I stumbled on a little issue - Ive posted in the help section but cant harm to post it here too I figure.

    In summary I want to make a Asymmetrical z sphere armature into a Symmetrical one, also Id like to know if you can snap the control zsphere to the world axis center?

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    Bump for assist

    Well I've just rebuilt the zbrush armature but it would still be nice to have a quick way to resym if possible.
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    Been working on Briareos on and off and will update very soon.

    In the meantime here's a quick doodle of Jack Hawksmoor of 'The Authority' comic, a great read if you haven't already checked it out, then do.

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