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    Default Question: Export script doesn't work: Nothing to do here, OBJ exported is included in

    Hi, I am trying to export a tool as ma file using zscript. But it seems it just overwrites the ma file with the text below:
    "Nothing to do here, OBJ exported is included in ZBrush"
    The code that I use is:
    [FileNameSetNext,"C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZProj ects\Default\pSphere2.ma"]
    ...do some thing...
    [FileNameSetNext, [FileNameGetLastUsed]]

    And I also found if I manually export the tool as ma file once, afterward the script works fine.

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this problem before, and how can I solve it? It seems some global variable is not being set.

    ps: I am very new to zscript... actually just started today..

    Thanks a lot!

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    Yes, I'm afraid it is only possible to export OBJ format using zscript. The other file formats have to be selected through the file dialog so that the correct template is used.

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