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    Default Yeti weekend

    I´m in for this one!

    I am going to take my Yeti friend for a couple of days to the beach! After all those years in the alps, he deserves it!

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    What i am enjoying here in this contest is the rule that bind you to zbrush for all modelling, so if i understand right, no basemeshes right... this made me experiment some of the features i am not used to, such as shadowbox, radial symmetry... they are acctually great. I used shadowbox during my beta testing of z4 when it was louched, but for things such as the fins on his feet, i usually rather model them in 3dsmax or softimage, things like the snorkel too, but it is really nice to pull this off all in one package... i believe i did not work more than 5 hours in this till now.

    The umbrella for example was made from a sphere, radial symetry and dam standard for the chamfers, then i hid the botthom hemisphere, delete hidden, adjusted the boarder curves and extracted it to give it thickness. Easy and fast, i would neve made it this way if i could use a traditional cg modelling package. It is great to push us to develop this skills, but it also annoyies me a little, sometimes it is much better and keep polycount down to use basemeshes.

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    Hes coming along great, fur really boosts it right up to the next level as well.

    That umbrella is very nice, keep going dude, I want to see this one finished
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    Thank you shavedmonkey, really appreciate the feedback.

    Here goes some scketching on the scene, and visual composition. just experimenting right now.

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    Unless I find some new idea to add to this piece, i guess i am preety much done with it. I would love some feedback here.

    Original image is 6K

    I used photoshop for compositing and filters, sand and fins integration, and some reflection passes, and some hair strands over his scuba diving mask.

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    haha fun picture, really like the character, only issue i have is that the sun appears to be behind the character and so the yeti shadow should be in front of him, not behind him like in your picture.
    Also the shadow is very dark, i would of reduced the it by half.

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    I love this too!

    Thinking of presentation of the image, if it were me, I'd want to pull back out of the picture and have your existing image framed in a crumpled Polaroid frame, possibly held in the yeti's paw.

    On a technical level, strong, seaside sunlight would make the warm sand colour bounce up into the rim lit fur and into the shadowed areas of the lower body. You may have done this a bit but the effect could do with being exaggerated.



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    I love the final image!
    Fábio Paiva

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    Free Willy PB - Thank you dude, this annoyies me a little too, I will go back into this and seee the result. The rim light really suggests that as it is very strong now...

    Rory_L - Indeed this idea would produce a nice presentation, better yet if he would be in the cold artic, with a couple snow flakes in contact with the photo... that is an nice idea. Maybe I will put this through, despite the very little spare time I have availlable these days.

    I will make the shadow more blue too

    I tried to produce this light bounce with the light matcaps extracted from this image and tweaked a bit, but I find it a bit limited when it comes to the hair shader, and how the light loses energy... maybe it is just me... did not find much stuff to learn from this light matcap workflow, I think i will paint some light bounce in photoshop indeed. I am trying to keep it a bit clean from heavy paintings as this is more focused on zbrush capabilities...

    Thanks for the compliment FabioPaiva, your work is excelent and inspires me a lot!
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    Here are some adjustment I did on the post production in photoshop. Still need to adjust shadow direction, but i already tested using a cooler temperature for it.

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    I really love this concept, and the render is looking great.

    I would play with the Fibermesh settings a bit. the strands seem very uniform in length and thickness.

    Maybe tapering the ends to get a more realistic look.

    Something maybe like this.



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