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    Awesome!. Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for a great tool.. When i run the exe tool. it opens the toolbar but its sat to the bott left and i cant move it its locked.
    i need to move it around. Also half my document window was missing when the Qtool was open. i doubled my size
    then it fixed the issue. but i cant seem to move it and the very left of the menu is cut out of my view.
    im on win 8 64 with all the latest ver ov everything. my monitor is 1280 x 1024. Ok so i changed the rez and was finally
    able to see the drag menu so i could place it. sad thing is only half the buttons work. non of the brushes work.
    weather i open z first or your tool. its very cool. i think im using ver p2 r47. maybe this is why maybe i need p3?
    id love to get this working. very very cool. do you think there is anyway i could just use the image viewer button.
    do you kow of a plugin or script that will let me just have the image viewer button ?

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    I downloaded it. Looks cool.

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    Great idea. I've been looking for something like this. Hopefully this can become more customizable

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