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    Hello! Well, I have had zbrush for a while now. But just recently really stated to get into it. I started a sculpt of..not really a character. Just a practice design to get the hang of the brushes, masking etc. I still have a long ways to go, I'm just now starting to put some detail into the face and have a few spots that I will change or redo. The horns I have shaped out, but need to detail and set them to their final position. I think my main problem with doing this "demon" was/is the face, I am not the best in anatomy and have had a semi difficult time getting it set right. I wanted to post it on this great forum to see what the people of Zcentral thought of it. Any advice and comments are appreciated!

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    He's That bad? so bad there is no comments! . Well I got him flushed out a little more and got the horns done. I will try and finish him tomorrow, I have not a clue what to do for the teeth, but Will come to that bridge when I get there. I looked for a help section to ask this but did not find one, When sculpting this guy with more detail, or higher polygon count. I get a bit of lag on the system, I checked my cpu and ram and both are running at less then half With the net open and zbrush running. Assuming this is with the program, what Can I adjust to eliminate the lag? I have not even messed with the zbrush settings other then the "mem" option, which I set to a little over a gig. Not sure If I need to set this higher or not.
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