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    Default Diesel Punk Power Armour - WW II US MK I

    Diesel Punk Power Armour - WW II US MK I - based on Bjorn Hurri Concept.

    [UPDATE 02.04.13]

    C and C welcome
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    Awesome hard surface work! The wrinkly arm bits look far inferior compared to the hard surface though. Keeps distracting me from the awesomeness.

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    Thanks Arthaven

    Im afraid the 'fight suit' under the armour hasn't had any love since about div 2 - with the Concept artists input I've spent the last few sessions just getting the proportions and placement of armour closer to concept. Just working up the inner suit now, so stay tuned.

    Here is another ZB screengrab of the new boot size, and hopefully final proportion changes. I'm getting onto sub tool cleanup and texturing now.

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    Default Dio and Asset construction - good way to practice my intended textures I thought?

    Some assets for the vignette/dio I intend for presentation - been playing with Keyshot so some of those images will follow - this is just ZB captures for now.

    Another update of the Armour - proportions more or less in stone now.

    Time to get the textures sorted - a little bit at a time, as I suck at texturing.

    C and C welcome and tutorial links etc for texturng and brushes - been having trouble finding decent airbrush type alphas for ZB and paint chips brushes/alphas.

    C and C welcome

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    Default Texture base in polypaint and Refinment Pass

    Polypainting base textures and material in ZB and moving over to PS for texturing proper.

    This is ZB polypaints, textures proper will follow shortly, once I'm more confident with results and process.

    C and C welcome.

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    More Polypainting with much UV adjusting and general ZB tomfoolery, had a strange UV cluster invert on exp/import, something to do with a vert order problem? but Ill be darned if I could figure it out. Getting tools built up for future painting and finding my way slowly.

    Crits and comments welcome.
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    Low Poly model with the HP diffuse/polypaint applied. Much to do still but an end in sight. Need to tie the pieces together with one last pass of mud, wear n tear etc and add a few pieces here and there, mostly pipes and the ammo feed/containers. Then onto the stand and dio.

    C and C welcome

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