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    Default An overdue Introduction and plea for advice

    Hi zbrusherz,

    Considering this is my first post here, after over a year of astonishment looking at what goes on here, i feel daft as I'm in need of some artistic advice.

    Semi intro first - My name is Gregg and I'm chuffed to be finally stepping into this community. Ive seen so many artists grow and the artwork produced is incredible, inspiring and really opened my mind as to what zbrush, the artist and imagination can achieve - beyond expression at times.
    Ive worked freelance as an illustrator and traditional artist but whilst travelling realised how much I missed the studio vibe. I use to work in house at a cool design studio in lovely York uk. My job was 3D modelling, texturing and post production for Arch Visuals. I'm in the process of putting a portfolio together so I can get a job in the entertainment industry (my dream). I've been working on my sculpting technique and I love the crossover you get using 3D and 2D. A project I set for myself which contributes toward my portfolio is a dragon scene. Posing the model, rendering and compositing in photoshop is my goal. Once my portfolio is complete I will update blah blah blah... this is my blog if any you guys are interested in viewing my sketch work as im going on and on - http://dgdrawingpad.blogspot.co.uk

    I would be really appreciated if you dudes would give me some artistic advise. I was about to use alphas giving my dragon scales, wrinkles etc oh and main horns but my flatmate said my wings didn't look right. Ive never drawn a dragon before let alone sculpt one but I kept referring to animal anatomy references for accuracy. I changed the wing position on the body to what I was advised but it didn't 'feel' as good as what I had prior. Somethin aint right and I know you guys will spot it with your talented eyes. Please lend me some artist mind magic cause I really need to get this guy finished but looking the best I can. Im adding wing membrane after posing because his wings will be folded inward whilst he is stalking. At this moment its piece of mind with the accuracy in the current pose.

    Cheers in advice and if you've got this far thank you for reading my waffle and HELLOOO!
    The top pic is my original and the bottom the ammended version.

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    Not pro advice but my 2 cents:

    Looking at a bat wing I would say his upper arm should be shorter with all the muscle. His forearm should be longer and sleeker rather than even length.

    You might make the top bone smaller and the second one the longer bone but up to you. Most creatures have 5 digits so I think you are short a bone but then its a dragon so who says you have to follow the rules. The first part of the top bone is bent in a weird way rather than at the joint but maybe that's intentional?

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    Cheers for the advice. When I looked at my post in the forum I could see parts of the body that I needed to ammend and I took into account your advice regards scale of the biceps on the wings. Ta for the help :-)

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