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    Default First character of three done

    Finally I can call this guy done for now.

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    Really dig that fuzzy head creature!
    Jeff Solway 2D/3D
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    nice character,like the armor pieces
    saw u yesterday work on it on zbrush hangout.

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    Came out great man! Really like the shapes you got going on! Also saw some of your progress in the hangout. Not too sure If I like the pants pattern because it might destroy the readability a bit but otherwise really awesome!
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    Default ZBrushWorkshops Game Arts Academy

    My first week assignment at the new Game Arts Academy. I might have gone a bit to far with these concepts but you know how it is. If you feel your on the right track it's imposable to quite. Josep Drust class is well thought out and highly recommended. I've now been sculpting since november 2012 and I think that I've come quite far. Ryan Kinslien has been a great supporter and got me started so thanks to him and his staff at ZBrushWorkshops.com

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    Default Readability

    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy Knoop View Post
    Came out great man! Really like the shapes you got going on! Also saw some of your progress in the hangout. Not too sure If I like the pants pattern because it might destroy the readability a bit but otherwise really awesome!
    Thanks for the comment. I kept on going and created two more. I think I might look more into your comment and try to create a more established blue pattern similar to the other two guys I just did. I got some good comments on ZBrushHangout on the gloves - so I made them two toned, and I think it helps a lot.

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    Default Smokey, Blizzard & Desert Storm

    Imagine, just a few months ago I didn't know ZBrush, nor did I know how to sculpt...

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    Nice work mate

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    Default Group Study - Posing

    I'm learning Posing a character in 3Ds Max now. Here's my progress so far. Lo res models.

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    Default Environmental practices

    My first environmental peace, and my first tree. This is from my studies at ZBrushWorkshops.com / Gameartsacademy.com.
    david Lesperance class.

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    Default My first rockface

    My first rockface done in the class Environment Modeling for Games with David Lesperance. I've not been modeling for long so this might look a bit silly to many but I'm posting my progress as I go along.
    My first rockface is a ZBrush rock - multiplied and decimated to create a small rock face. Rendered in Keyshot.

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    Default My final peace turned in for crit.

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    Default Create guides with Frame Mesh Part 1

    I was watching Josep Drusts excellent tutorial on how to create molle straps, and drawing them onto surface with the help of guided lines - created with the Frame Mesh command.

    I then could not replicate what he did. This was driving me nuts for awhile but I didn't give up. A few days later a wrote David and Paul about this problem I was having and just after I sent my email - I gave the problem another look.
    The answer just came to me. Off course, it's simple and extremely powerful.

    I want to share my findings and the usage It could give you.

    1.The command under Stroke - Curve Functions - Frame Mesh: is just what it sounds like, it Frames your Mesh.
    To be able to Frame Mesh, you need to choose your option Border, Polygroups or Creased Edges. Each gives you similar results.


    Creased Edge

    Then the Polygroups (nothing happens)

    Now - creased edge gives you a certain result, but is a bit confusing to use for bigger tasks. But what is more interesting is the Frame Mesh with Pollygroups. The reason nothing is showing up in the example above is because it's just one pollygroup. The command needs more than one polygroup to give you any results. Lets try out two polygroups.

    Frame Mesh - Polygroups

    Now we can easily notice that we created line in-between those two polygroups.
    Frame Mesh - Polygroups: (With more polygroups) Gives you more intersection lines.

    Now this is really powerful stuff.
    We can frame everything with the Frame Mesh - Border command If we want to. Giving us this example.

    What we get is multiple lines, and cross sections.

    Lets say we wanted to create some guided lines for our insert brush - stroke. But we don't want to use all those lines. We want to be able to control those lines.

    The answer is the Topology Brush.

    Choose the Topology Brush and use it with the Alt key to delete those lines you don't need.

    Continued in next post.

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    Default Part 2

    Then just apply your stroke to the lines you chose to keep.

    Now use your imagination to create paths for your insert brushes.

    Hope you find use for this.

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    Great explanation on the use of the curve frame options! Thanks for taking the time to share!


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