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    Default Frieza WIP

    I just started working on this today, it's Frieza in his final form. The original concept was posted on the Facebook page for the contest, and is by Andy Choo. Plenty left to do, I hope I can finish it in time...Any pose ideas?

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    Default Older Goku

    As a long time DBZ fan and after seeing all the great artwork for this challenge I could not resist the urge to join. Im going to try something different and recreate a older, wiser, goku in ssj3 form. All suggestions and comments welcome as this is wip 1 and will change significantly. debating if he should have the traditional DBZ boots or something else?

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    Default Dabura (EX mode)

    Hello guys I got excited on this contest so i decided to join the fun here

    here's my WIP entry.

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    Default Ubb

    Here my character :UBB

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    Default Majin Vegeta

    Hi All,

    I had just learned about this thread going on and thought I would devote some time today to making a Vegeta for the thread. I hope to devote some more time to it later, but this is what I have so far. I really suck at using the render tools inside ZB and need to learn more on it. I figure I will try to make a good render after I work on him some more and pose him...

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    I have decided to do Imperfect Cell. Here is a WIP I am still trying to get an overall feel for him.

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    Default baby yajirobe

    almost and proceed to paint

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    Default Bulma_WIP

    All are made from ZBrush.

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    Hey guys, here are some more updates on Goku. No textures yet and the pedestal is pretty basic too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uuda View Post
    All are made from ZBrush.

    Ah, man! Amazing your Bulma!

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    Hi Guys, awesome oportunity to learn and push skills, greats models so far and is more than one month to go!!!

    Here is my WIP on "Freezer" "Frieza", a lot to finish:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uuda View Post
    All are made from ZBrush.

    Man i want to thank you because THIS was my inspiration to actually DO something. It was love at first sight
    Your version is way better of course

    Update :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uuda View Post
    All are made from ZBrush.

    Man, you better make a breakdown tutorial on this, or else!

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    hey guys! holy crap i thought this competition was hosted on facebook only! so embarrassed!
    heres a little version of the perfect cell i did.

    still unsure if i can find the time to finish a full character, but i wanted to do a fanart for DBZ!

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