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    Ed Harris character in David Cronenberg´s movie, A History Of Violence. Ed Harris face is awesome, he looks like Robocop!
    comments and critics are more than welcome.
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    Awesome! Love how defined and pushed the forms are. I'm not familiar with the source but the main thing that stands out to me is the way the eyes look kind of milky ? Maybe it's deliberate but it makes them less appealing I guess. The other thing is the really fine hair on the top of his head, it feels a bit too even in direction and density. That's really nit-picking though I think, fantastic work.


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    thanks man, actually the character´s left eye is blind in the movie, it does have this milky appearance.

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    Super great job on the Ed Harris sculpt, the likeness is dead on. Keep up the good work !

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    Default Carl Fogarty_new render

    the previous render was horrible, this one is a lot better!

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