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    Default The Forgotten Forest - short film

    The Forgotten Forest is a 3d animated short film produced by Soulty Productions. The film is currently in production and due for release late 2013/ early 2014. More information and production process will be released from June 2013.

    Follow the facebook page for updates:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soult...111264?ref=hl#

    This is a promotional image of a forest creatures from the film.

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    Screen grabs from my short film, The forgotten forest. Will be released with a making of in a week or two.

    Can follow updates on the facebook page or my website.


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    The Forgotten Forest - A 3d animated short film (only one scene) from a longer fantasy story about forest creatures, trolls and an injured pilot, lost in a forgotten forest. I would like to continue this project in the future when time permits.

    Some Zbrush sculpting in the making of video. Zbrush was used for sculpting base forms and detailing, texturing and morph targets. Animation was done in 3d max and compositing in Adobe After Effects.


    Making of:

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    I love the way the Forrest creature looks! Congratulations!

    Cheers, David
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