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    Post Question about HID in new zBrush 4.5

    Hi ,

    my Name is Matthew i am new to the Board!

    i think the 4.5 Release is awesome !!

    i am planning to get a new Wacom Board since
    mine is outdated and there is no Driver anymore to solve the Product

    - What do you think is a Cintiq 22 Touch neat ?

    - Are there Handles for the Touch Functions implemented or is this still
    WIP ?

    - Is there now a Driver implemented to solve the 3dConnexion(Logitech) Hardware since 4.5 ?

    Well since i want to use it professionaly i am thinking of a Cintiq 22 Touch
    but if there are no Touchhandles implemented and it is not planned to implement it in the near future
    i could go of much cheaper with the normal Cintiq 22

    can you give me a hint please !!

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    Personally I don't think it's worth the extra cost just for the touch features. Mostly because most software (like Zbrush) have not yet implemented touch features. This is most likely to change but it's a question of how long. By then a newer better tablet may be available.

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    mmmhhh ??? maybee yes @ MentalFrog

    thats sad with HID Integration
    so far as i am conceirnd about Mudbox is
    that they are experimenting with it
    so that they have what ever it is a TouchEventInterface Class

    And ....... if Autodesk is already experimenting with it i found it to be cool if Pixologic is doing the same !!

    Must be some sort of interface class with diffrent handles for
    "Touchsupport" - sounds Gay but i couldnt emagine it much cooler painting on such a Wacom Tablet. with zBrush 4.5 up and running!!

    What do you think will Pixologic do the same with HID support ??
    I mean i emagine it easy / if you are not in projectionmode / xyz rotation / move / pan controlled by HidDevice ??!!!??Some Sort of Dispatcher <-> Listener Game

    And what is it all about hitting >Frame< and sometimes the Object is not perfectly in the Middle of the screen ?!?!?
    Sometimes it strange when it seems that the PivotePoint of the Object is not perfectly in the middle of the Object

    Do you know alittle Bite about the 3dConnexion Devices and integration with zBrush ??

    Do you know if Adobe Photoshop have implemented a feature for this so called Touchsupport ??!!??
    I think in Adobe PS there is - you can rotate the canvas and other shizzle - just with Gestures

    I am not exactly shure about if it was Painter12 or Photoshop !!

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